Dawn's Ray of Hope, Inc.

Dusk to Dawn 2015

Dusk to Dawn 2015 was another amazing night!  Ten teams came to play against Dawn's Team -- HGHS Girls Soccer, Chappaqua Moms, Support Connection Motley Crew, Raptors, Dirty Ol' Dawgs, Mac-Beth Scramblers, Thursday Night Soccer, Quaker Hill Tavern, JHU Betas and 8 Men Out -- every game bringing good competition as wells as a lot of fun and laughs!  Again, Dawn's team managed to win 8 of the 10 games.  But the JHU Betas -- playing in the 4:00am slot -- managed to beat Dawn's team with the largest margin of victory and win the tourney!


We again thank all who participated, volunteered (especially umpire Mike Norelli) and/or donated food for our BBQ and snack table.  Special thanks again to the Millwood Fire Department for the use of their grill for our all night BBQ, and to the Town of New Castle Recreation and Parks Department for the use of the field, sound system, and support!
Dawn's Team
HGHS Girls Soccer
Chappaqua Moms
Support Connection Motley Crew
Dirty Ol' Dawgs
Mac-Beth Scramblers
Thursday Night Soccer
Quaker Hill Tavern
JHU Betas