Dawn's Ray of Hope, Inc.

Dusk to Dawn 2012

Feeding off the success of our first outing in 2011, Dusk to Dawn 2012 was an amazing time.  With an increased number of teams and more support, we filled the schedule and again played from dusk to dawn!  Highlights included our games against the HGHS Women's Soccer Team and the team from Quaker Hill Tavern.  Even the A-league softball team Dirty Ol' Dawgs got in the spirit of the event and played a couple of innings without their gloves.  (Though, they still put a lickin' on Dawn's team, we all had a great time.)
Thanks again to all participants and volunteers (inlcuding umpires Mike Norelli and Jim Cuomo).  Special thanks to the Millwood Fire Department for the use of their grill for our all night BBQ!  And again, thanks to Pete Zimmerman atEZ Sports for his support and generosity.